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Reverse seared steak, evenly cooked and flavorful crust

How to Reverse Sear a Steak: Exceed Restaurant Quality at Home

The reverse seared steak is a culinary masterpiece that rivals those of high-end steakhouses. Learn how to reverse sear a steak and why you have an advantage over restaurants by using this method.

Updated: April 2021


Tomahawk steak resting with coarse salt for dry brining

Dry-Brining Guide: The Secret to Tender, Juicy Meat

Dry-brining is a simple process of salting meats and resting them before cooking. Learn how to make tender, juicy cuts every single time with the dry-brine method.

Updated: March 2021


Seared steak with flavorful crust, rosemary and garlic garnish

Maillard Reaction Guide: Effect on Food Flavors

The Maillard reaction is a simple way to introduce complex flavors to your food. Several conditions can optimize this set of chemical reactions to enhance your dishes.

Updated: February 2021


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