What is Shmaltz?

Schmaltz Meaning

Schmaltz is rendered poultry fat (traditionally with chicken or goose fat).

How to Make Schmaltz

It’s possible to make schmaltz at home by heating up fat tissue to release the liquid fat.

There are several methods, such as rendering poultry fat, collecting fat drippings from a roasted bird, or skimming the fat off of poultry soups.

How to Use Schmaltz in Cooking

Schmaltz has many purposes in cooking, such as a flavor enhancer, frying liquid, deep-frying medium.

It is also possible to substitute most fats with schmaltz.

How to Store Schmaltz

Storing the collected fat at room temperature will produce liquid schmaltz.

Transferring to the fridge or freezer will solidify it, which will extend its shelf life.

Schmaltz Substitutes

Alternative rendered animal fats can replace schmaltz.

Rendered beef fat (tallow), pork fat (lard), bacon fat, and duck fat are the more common animal fats.

Each fat has its own unique flavor. Unlike schmaltz, they solidify at room temperature.

It’s also possible to use plant oils in place of schmaltz, if an animal fat is undesirable.

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